Advertising on TWISI

Advertising on TWISI

Over 1,000,000 hits.
Over 63,000 unique visitors since July 2009.
10,000-15,000 unique visitors a month… and growing.

Since it was founded in 2007, The Way I See It Theatre Blog (TWISI) has garnered a strong reputation within the Canadian theatre community and with its audiences for providing insightful, intelligent, well researched, passionate and professional theatre reviews covering a wide array of productions from Toronto and across the country. For the last four years TWISI has been dedicated to bringing the voice of the Canadian indigenous theatre and especially Toronto’s independent theatre and comedy communities to the public. Amanda Campbell has become the passionate voice that her readers rely on to bring them both perceptive and discerning reviews of productions covered by other websites and traditional media sources, but also the stories from up and coming theatre artists or those from cities across the country that have gotten less exposure.

Amanda Campbell’s work with TWISI has been received enthusiastically by theatre practitioners from across the country. Dora Award winning director Alisa Palmer says, “[Campbell] is what the future of theatre criticism should hold” while Dora Award winning director Miles Potter adds, “[She] is a bright spark… and the theatre needs her.”

TWISI offers a very targeted demographic that is unique to this website. It is frequented mostly by Toronto-based theatregoers and theatre artists, a great many of whom are young, well educated, passionate and engaged in various aspects of city life. This targeted demographic gives advertisers the ability to reach an audience relevant for their particular product and brand. These advertisement spots are prominently and attractively placed on the website in a way that is immediately engaging among content that is held to a high standard of integrity and excellence.

Advertising Rates:

Big Box (250x300px): $250.00/month  

Extra-Wide Leaderboard (1000x90px): $400/month

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