But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

I have been to a lot of theatrical events as of late, a lot of “one night only!” events within the same Mecca of talent that seems to be propelling the Toronto theatre scene forward right now. I have so much hope and faith that these performers are about to burst onto the world stage and you will all be able to say that you saw them here first! But don’t just take my word for it! Watch some videos and see for yourself!
This is Michael Hughes. He is not actually blue in real life, but his voice is actually this fantastic!
This is Bryce Kulak’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” It is incredible. He infuses it with every breath of life he has. Unbelievable.
I went to Sharron’s Party on Friday night and it was absolutely incredible. If you have never been before, you should make absolutely sure that you catch the next one. (This is from Sharron herself, “there’s not many left before- like the Disney movies before her- Sharron’s Party gets swept up by THE VAULT. Yep, you heard it right people!!! She said it before…. but this time she really means it… it isn’t some sort of marketing ploy….it is the truth, Ruth!) After four “Hottest Ticket in Town” years of writing, singing, interviewing, mailbag-ing, judging and making inappropriate jokes this girl knows when to take her “Killer Party!” and leave the building! So, get on your glad rags and tip the %$#* down to Buddies for what promises to be 4 memorable and hilarious installements of her own ‘Sharron’s Party!'”Sharron’s ‘Spring Forward’ Party! is Friday April 24th with special guest Kritty Uranowski & Saturday April 25th with special guests Gabi Epstein and Tim Boyle. Both Nights will be opened up at 7:30pm by the fabulous ‘Big Idea’ creator Bryce Kulak! So come early.Sharron’s ‘Almost Summer’ Party! is Friday May 29th & Saturday May 30thAnd it all finishes off with…….Sharron’s ‘ 2nd Annual Big Gay’ PartyFriday June 20thThere is no one in Toronto like Sharron Matthews, and she throws a fierce party. But, don’t take my word for it! Watch the video!
Sharron had two amazing guests on Friday night. Alicia Toner is a recent graduate of Sheridan and she has a gigantic, beautiful, powerful belt and she wrote this pop song that I bet Britney and Beyonce would smack a bitch to get their hands on. Shoshana Sperling then caused a laughter-induced hernia with selections from her latest one-woman-show (soon to be all dried up!)- you have to see this lady to believe her. Holy shit! She does these hilarious videos with Teresa Pavlinek (who I saw in Impromptu Splendor last week- and I’m here to tell you- that woman can do ANYTHING! She has genius comic sensibilities, but she also can elicit such emotion and sympathy while being hysterical. You really can’t decide if you want to laugh or cry. Fascinating!) ANYWAY! I’m sure there will be more on the blog about these superstars soon! Until then, watch this!

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