2009-10 Seasons Across the Country

It is that time of year when the regional theatres in this country begin to wrap up their current seasons and the Artistic Directors begin to launch their visions for the next year. It is an exciting time in Canadian theatre history, as we see some new faces take the reins of some of our theatres which always provides the potential for inspired, dynamic, new work to be produced. I thought that I would post the 2009-10 Seasons that have been announced in some of the regional theatres across the country so that my readers could see a selection of the future of our country’s theatrical exploits all in one place.
In all, I feel that each of these theatres are presenting interesting seasons, and producing many works that I am excited to see being developed or to see being done on Canadian stages. I haven’t been given any cause to burst into a rant upon a soapbox and I’m excited to see so many Canadian artists being represented in all of these seasons. Actually, in all, I think 2009-10 warrants everyone hopping in vans and embarking on a road trip because there are certainly exciting theatrical gems shimmering across our wide and great country. And these theatres are only six examples of our rich, dynamic and wonderful theatre community! There is so much to see and experience. It doesn’t matter where you live. Please support the theatres and the arts in your community.

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