On the Road by Eliza-Jane Scott

Critically acclaimed Canadian musical theatre comedienne Eliza-Jane Scott shares a story about two of her most memorable road trips. You should also check out her CD at CD Baby! She’s unbelievable!

On the Road by Eliza-Jane Scott
In high school two of my best guy friends and I drove to Graceland on a whim. For some reason my mother agreed to these shenanigans and the vintage Econoline Van headed south. Memphis was gray (middle of winter), Graceland was shriney and tacky and strange (forgive me, I KNOW it is the KING of which I speak) and the company was amazing save the firecrackers in the hotel room, the constant coin dropping in my bed as I tried to sleep and the general angst of thinking you are in love with both of your friends. I wasn’t, I was just needy. I’m a bugger.The other was a road trip to see the fabulous Stephanie Roth on her Rent tour. A close friend and I flew down to see her in Tuscon Arizona and stayed on the see the canyon (you know the one of which I speak). It was an amazing trip. Besides seeing our Miss Stephanie in action our three days at the canyon were startling, adventurous, life enriching, breath taking. I almost lost my friend over the canyon ledge (we went in January and bought crampons ((attachable spikes)) and decided to hike 2 kms down the icy and slick canyon in fall weather clothes and little supplies (STUPID))). But one morning, I awoke before dawn and headed down to a trail that headed out onto a less travelled part of the canyon. I watched the sunrise that morning, sitting on the furthest tip of this sheer rock drop. It was a beauty so ecstatic I will never recover from it. I hope I never do. That image reminds me of song I will sing on the night of the Paul Simon show, American Tune. A song of longing for beauty and comfort, hope and history. That’s what the Grand Canyon is and everyone should see it sometime, as it is our own.
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Acting UpStage’s The SOUND OF SILENCE: Thom Allison, Sara Farb, Steven Gallagher, Susan Henley, Andrew Kushnir, Amanda LeBlanc, Jeff Madden, Eliza-Jane Scott, Michael Therriault, Blythe Wilson. Arrangements and Musical Direction by Reza Jacobs.
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