Alias Michael Therriault by No Stress Bob

Michael Therriault is a Dora Award winning actor who appeared in seven seasons at the Stratford Festival before playing Leopold Bloom in The Producers. He appeared on Broadway in the revival of Fiddler on the Roof and then starred in London and in Toronto in The Lord of the Rings as Gollom. He will next be appearing at the Bathurst Street Theatre singing the songs of Paul Simon at the one night only theatrical event The Sound of Silence. I asked Michael if he could adopt any pseudonym what would it be. Here’s what he had to say:
Alias Michael Therriault: By No Stress Bob
If I had to create a name for my alter-ego, it would be “No Stress Bob.” I think I always have wanted to be No Stress Bob but he is so ELUSIVE!!!! Almost as elusive as “Memory is my middle name Max” or “I Know exactly where my cell phone is Chuck”. These people never choose to be part of my personality and it drives me nuts! I am getting bored with “It’s somewhere in my backpack Jack” ; “it’s on the tip of my tongue Terrance” and “Worried Wally”. They hang out with me most of the time.
But I guess the misfits of your personality need love too. Right?
Come hear Michael Therriault sing the songs of Paul Simon!
Acting UpStage’s The SOUND OF SILENCE: Thom Allison, Sara Farb, Steven Gallagher, Susan Henley, Andrew Kushnir, Amanda LeBlanc, Jeff Madden, Eliza-Jane Scott, Michael Therriault, Blythe Wilson. Arrangements and Musical Direction by Reza Jacobs.
So get on that bus, Gus! No need to be coy, Roy! 10 Canadian Musical theatre legends. One Night Only. April 20th, 2009. 8pm.
Get to the theatre, Peter!

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