Some Sunny Day

Some Sunny Day is the newest musical offering from Once Upon a Theatre Collective, written by Jessica Barry and Meghan Hubley and playing as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

Verne Hicks plays Vintage Hits on the radio and is less than stoked about dating Hunky Joe, much to the irritation and exasperation of Jennifer, her more practical best friend. Verne’s life reaches and unexpected turn when she meets (and falls in love with) Marjorie McGinnis a classic radio star who died in the 1950s and who typically hangs out in her radio studio.

The result is a fun little musical romp with a far out soundtrack and some super keen dancing. I love that Barry and Hubley have created a gay love story for a character who is still very much present in the 1950s. I wanted there to be more tension and conflict in Verne with the idea of falling in love with a ghost, which is essentially the same thing as falling in love with a really awesome imaginary friend and a scenario that presents a wide array of comic and delightful possibilities for the theatre, but also has considerable draw-backs for Verne’s life outside the studio and with people like Jennifer.

I will not ruin my favourite part of the show for you, you’ll likely be able to pick it out when you see it, but it involves Jessica Barry as Marjorie and it is quite delightful. Lesley Smith, as Jennifer, also has some great ghost busting moments, Meghan Hubley has some super swell dance moves and Jessica Barry’s a cappella singing voice is vividly gorgeous.

I wanted there to be more depth to these characters and their personalities beyond the era from whence they came and their music of choice. I felt like I didn’t have a good understanding of what Marjorie was like before she died and was able to be fascinated by things like “ear speakers,” but I was definitely intrigued enough to want to know more.

Mauralea Austin directs the piece in a way that captures the playful spirit of Barry and Hubley and Once Upon a Theatre Collective, although I did find that Barry paced back and forth a little too frequently, although that isn’t helped by the fact that the Living Room stage is incredibly wide and intensely shallow.

In all, Some Sunny Day is a sweet little show.


Some Sunny Day plays at The Living Room (2353 Agricola Street) at the following times:

Tuesday September 4th at 9:00pm

Thursday September 6th at 7:30pm

Sunday September 9th at 7:30pm

It is $7.00 to book tickets please visit this website or call (902) 999-7469 or visit the Box Office at the Seaport Farmers’ Market at Pavilion 20 on Marginal Road. Tickets are also available at the venue ONE hour before the show. Happy Fringe!

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