All That Jazzzzzzzzzzz

Sometimes you have spontaneous moments that remind you of your roots and the very essence of your passion, your ambitions and your dreams. Sometimes they find you via Tony Award winning Broadway superstar, Bernadette Peters, came into my life via a television screen when I was ten and watched the film Annie (1982) for the first time. I had the ultimate privilege of seeing her unbelievable performance in Gypsy in 2004 and met her briefly at the Stage Door where she came out, signed autographs and posed for photos in -40 degree weather. She is utter class and a bright, bright light shining, beaming, and illuminating a path for so many of us. This video from The Carol Burnett Show reminds me of the power a performer has when she remains true to herself, is innovative, joyful and exudes talent, sensibility, and sincerity. It also makes me long for a revival of the Variety Show, but only if it was helmed by a contemporary equivalent of Carol Burnett or Mary Tyler Moore or Dick Van Dyke. Sharron Matthews, anyone?

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