TWISI Fine Print

I was sitting in the park beside St. James Cathedral one pretty spring day in Toronto after coming from seeing a particularly extraordinary production at Soulpepper when I started to muse about the little things I enjoyed about the theatre. The programmes, the theatre buildings, and I found myself saying (in my head), “Someone should give out awards for these types of things!” The next thing I knew, I had realized that I was that perfect someone, and that I could. Not only could I give out awards for things no one seemed to be talking about, but I could give out production and performance awards too. Before I knew what was happening I had come up with thirty categories and had a flutter of excited butterflies in my belly.
The more I sat in the park and thought, however, the more it seemed a smidgen self-serving for me to use my blog to give awards to the people I thought deserved them. But… what if my readers could vote too? And thus the TWISIs and the TWISI People’s Choice Awards were born! I have had so much fun playing hostess to the 2009 TWISIs. It gives me a little thrill every time people say or type the word ‘TWISI’! The response delighted me and exceeded my expectations, so thank you to everyone who voted, and to every single person who is reading the results right now. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for finding your way here. The TWISI Awards were chosen by me (Amanda Campbell) and the TWISI People’s Choice Awards were tallied and chosen by popular vote.

I wish to offer a hearty congratulations to all the winners of the 2009 TWISI Awards! I would also ask that if you have won a TWISI award, please get in touch with me at some point to discuss exciting details of the prizes to follow. You can email me at or however else you know how. I would also encourage you to let any winners you’re in contact with know about TWISI and the awards, because I would be extremely humbled if all the remarkable people listed above read my blog, and I want to make sure the winners get in touch with me about fun specifics. So, please, share the joy!

Have a Happy Canada Day!

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