It is time once again for my end of year TWISI Round Up! This year I wanted to reinstate the TWISI Awards and to use this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of some of the incredible theatre artists whose work I felt privileged to see this year. I have gone through all the reviews and theatre notes that I have written from the last twelve months and come up with this list of TWISI AWARD WINNERS. Each winner receives exclusive TWISI Award Winner bragging rights, a swanky gold star badge for their Facebook page and all my gratitude for giving me such a glorious gift of talent and theatrical bliss this year. Thank you from the bottom of my bottom (to borrow from Betty White).


  1. Gold Star to HELENA PIPE (Actor in In This Word, Halifax Theatre For Young People/Super Nova Festival)
  2. Gold Star to BRUCE HORAK (Performer/Creator of This is Cancer, Eastern Front/ Super Nova Festival)
  3. Gold Star to MICHAEL MCPHEE (Actor in Bone Boy, Frankie Production)
  4. Gold Star to TIA ANDRIANI (Actor in Little Women, Metro Non Profit Housing)
  5. Gold Star to TANYA DAVIS (Performer/Creator of Nonmonag and the Gray Scale Dwellers, Queer Acts Festival)
  6. Gold Star to KEELIN JACK (Actor in Touch, The Doppler Effect/Queer Acts Festival)
  7. Gold Star to STEPHANIE MACDONALD (Actor in Short Skirt Butch, Queer Acts Festival)
  8. Gold Star to KEITH MORRISON (Director of Twelve Angry Men, Lions Den Theatre)
  9. Gold Star to VANESSA WALTON-BONE (Actor in Blood & Quick Silver, Doppler Effect, Atlantic Fringe Festival)
  10. Gold Star to MARK ALLAN (Actor in Sweeney Todd, Neptune Theatre)
  11. Gold Star to MONIQUE MOJICA (Actor in Hawk, Onelight Theatre, Prismatic Festival)
  12. Gold Star to HEATHER RANKIN (Actor in Bingo, Mulgrave Road Theatre/Neptune Theatre)
  13. Gold Star to DANIEL MACIVOR (Actor/Writer of This is What Happens Next, Eastern Front Theatre/Necessary Angel Theatre)
  14. Gold Star to DANIEL BROOKS (Director of This is What Happens Next, Eastern Front Theatre/Necessary Angel Theatre)
  15. Gold Star to SUSAN LEBLANC (Actor/Creator of The Debacle, Zuppa Theatre)
  16. Gold Star to ANN-MARIE KERR (Director/Creator of The Debacle, Zuppa Theatre)
  17. Gold Star to CHRISTIAN BARRY & ANTHONY BLACK (Directors of The Story of Mr. Wright, 2b Theatre/ Eastern Front Theatre)
  18. Gold Star to MARK UHRE (Performer in Elf, Neptune Theatre)
  19. Gold Star to RAOUL BHANEJA (Performer in Hamelt (Solo), Neptune Theatre)
  20. Gold Star to RHONDA BAKER (Dancer in Stir & Wish Desire Vow, (LiveArt Dance/Votive Dance, Atlantic Fringe Festival)

TWISI is also pleased to be bringing back the TWISI PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS.

I would like to encourage people across the country to think of someone in the Canadian theatre community (this includes anyone in cast, crew, volunteer, producer, front of house, community theatre director, high school drama teacher- also in Improv, Performance Art, Sketch, Stand Up, Cabaret and dance- theatre in its broadest terms etc…) who is deserving of special recognition this year. Think in terms of someone whose work in whatever way is helping to shape and foster the Canadian theatre or someone who inspires you specifically. You can nominate someone who is Canadian who is working outside the country. You can nominate people who aren’t Canadians but who work mostly in Canada. Please nominate people who are Canadian and who work in Canada.

Then, I am encouraging you to nominate this person for a TWISI People’s Choice Award by creating something that celebrates them and introduces them to TWISI’s readers. It could be a blog that you write. It could be a poem. It could be a song. It could be a video. I encourage you all to think creatively. For more ideas of what I am looking for check out these awesome guest blogs from Sing Out Louise.

Then send all submissions to me at between January 1st, 2013- January 30th, 2013 (the email I sent missed the 0 on 30th. You have all month to participate, but try to submit early so they are spread out over the month and not all plunked down at the very end)! 

All throughout January I will post all the submissions that I receive. Everyone who is nominated wins! We can celebrate the awesomeness that is the Canadian theatre all January long!! Join the Facebook Event Here!

Have a Very TWISItacular Holiday Season. I look forward to serving up lots more theatre reviews, interviews and special features in 2013. See you all there and thank you so much for visiting TWISI. 

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