Jet Legs


margot durling, megan mcdowell, krista davis

Imagine that three exuberant and ambitious Transylvanians escaped Dr. Frank N Furter’s castle and decided to launch a flying machine to a land that David Bowie promised them and you would have a general idea of what Krista Davis, Megan McDowell and Margot Durling have cooked up in Jet Legs, which is playing until July 20th at the Bus Stop Theatre as part of the Queer Acts Festival.

Jet Legs is a sort of medley between a campy musical, a queer version of “Pigs in Space” and a daytime talk show. It is a sometimes chaotic mishmash, but with infectious energy and lots of fun. There is not really a clear story or narrative to this piece, but rather a series of fun snippets that include a myriad of packing innuendo, some awesome safety rapping, spirited dancing, a special guest (in our case Tara Thorne) and some improvised fun at that guest’s expense. It all works. There were a few times when I thought that the performers could have benefited from having a director just to sharpen the crispness of their movements and the delivery of a few punch lines, but mostly I liked the boisterous and cartoony ambiance of their particular brand of weirdos.

My favourite aspect of this piece is actually the three characters themselves, Zed, Lil and Jo, who are beautifully well developed, each with her own interesting idiosyncrasies. I would be interested in seeing more from these three, especially more character-driven sketches or even something with more of a narrative. I’d love to know more about how these three found one another or what happens once they arrive on the Place Where the Weird Things Are. There is the kernel of a full-length play (or a film, or a web series) in these ladies. I hope to see more of them again in the future!

Jet Legs plays at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street) Saturday June 20th at 10:30pm as part of the Queer Acts Festival and Halifax Pride. All shows $12 Regular, $10 Student, Seniors, Underwaged. Festival Pass – $35 
BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE or visit the box office at The Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St.

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