Fun, Frivolity and Free Food: A Fringe Launch!

The Neptune Studio Theatre was teeming with the ‘Halifamous’ on Tuesday at noon for the Official Launch of the 19th Annual Fringe Theatre Festival which opens tonight and runs until September 13th, 2009 and features two hundred performances from twenty-nine shows in six venues. The Launch was hosted by Jeremy Webb, who was not allowed to plug his own Fringe show, Shakespeare On Trial, (I’ve seen it, you’ll love it), so he suavely got Simon Henderson to plug it for him. jeremy webb and simon henderson shakespeare on trial
The theatre was also teeming with children, many of whom performed a number from J-Tel Presents…Canadian Folk Songs Super-Hits Sound Explosion which maxed out the entire festival adorableness quota. Other children were in the audience, providing an impromptu comedy show, much to chagrin of their parents, but, what the hay… What’s not to lurve?

one of the children in folk tales

The rest of the crowd was made up by the cast of 11:11 and their posters.

meghan hubley, rebecca falvey, kristin slaney, john han, jessica barry

Rhys Bevan-John and Eric Benson performed a scene from Feathers and Loam a play that will take you into the heart of an artist as Icarus attempts to fly.

rhys bevan-john and eric benson feathers and loam

We also saw sneak-peaks of a Leslie Carvery dance piece from Selena, Death after Life, a performance from Chug: the dancers who have perfected the art of drinking Beer and some improvisation from Vern and Gregory’s Show No One Wanted Them to Give!

vern and gregory… or gregory and vern?

The Atlantic Fringe Festival is the prime opportunity to see innovative, dynamic new work that you will have few opportunities to see again. Tickets are cheap and available at the venues of the individual performances and at the main Fringe kiosk at the Neptune Studio Theatre. Come out and support the artists who make Halifax one of the most vibrant, colorful, creative cities on the East Coast!

jessica ‘meow’ barry and john ‘chow’ han. 11:11.

Click here for the complete Fringe Schedule. For more information visit this website.

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