1174396_10153143928110545_2140444180_nTwo Planks and a Passion’s production of Ken Schwartz’s 937 is a beautiful exploration of how simply a story of massive weight can be told. A Jewish family seeks to leave impending persecution by the Nazi regime, yet their ship are turned away at every foreign port where they arrive seeking asylum.

The story is told with puppets, created by the cast of Alexis Milligan, Michael McPhee, Hilary Adams, Aliah Schwartz, Chris O’Neill and Jackson Fowlow, made from pieces of clothing and the performers’ arms and feet. There are hardly any words spoken, and indeed, the most beautiful, honest and expressive storytellers become the performers’ hands.

It is evocative that a play about people dehumanizing others, of stripping them of their freedom, dignity and ultimately their lives, focuses so much on something that is so universal- the way our hands love, comfort and often betray our innermost feelings.

This play is a beautiful, poignant and haunting one and at a time when people are fleeing persecution in Russia it could not be timelier or more intensely relevant.

TWISI Rating: 5 of 5 stars

937 plays at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre (1593 Argyle Street) as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival at the following times: 

Wednesday, Sep 4 • 8:30

Thursday, Sep 5 • 8:00 *

Friday, Sep 6 • 8:00 *

Saturday, Sep 7 • 5:00

Tickets are $8.00 and are available in advance online at this website or 30 minutes before each show at the venue on the day of the performance. All tickets bought in person must be purchased with either cash or credit. For more information please visit this website or call 902.422.7604 between 10:00am and 5:00pm. 

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