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Jessica Fitzpatrick’s one woman show Cupidity dares us to renew our faith in true love through Annie, a hopeless romantic daydreamer working on a new screenplay called Love Love Love: The Movie (a mixture of The Notebook, Casablanca, Guys and Dolls, and every romantic comedy Julia Roberts has ever starred in). It is a fun, silly, endearing performance that manages to both pastiche and satirize the fairytale concept of love.

On the one hand, Annie entirely and boldly embodies every cheesy convention of the romantic comedy genre so the typical, sardonic, postmodern audience can see clearly the absurdity in the lies that Annie is feeding to herself. Yet, Love Love Love: The Movie also celebrates our ability, and often our willingness, to want to believe in this kind of idea of love:  that it can be magical and transcend the harsh realities of a cold world and exist even when it seems utterly impossible. This need to hold on tight to our hope adds a layer of poignancy to Fitzpatrick’s satire.

There are also some hilarious and unique star power moments for Fitzpatrick including a cameo by Pornstar Barbie (and Ken) and some vocally flawless Britney Spears. Overall, Fitzpatrick is exuberant and delightful; be prepared to laugh and, at times, be tempted to sing along to the play’s awesome soundtrack.

TWISI Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Cupidity plays at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (1723 Hollis Street) as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival at the following times: 

Thurs. September 5 – 8:25 PM
Fri. September 6 – 9:55 PM
Sat. September 7 – 8:00 PM

Tickets are $10.00 and are available in advance online at this website or 30 minutes before each show at the venue on the day of the performance. All tickets bought in person must be purchased with either cash or credit. For more information please visit this website or call 902.422.7604 between 10:00am and 5:00pm. 

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