Bill Wood: Pissing From Windows

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bill wood winning the best comedy award at the atlantic fringe festival

photo by timothy richard

Bill Wood: Pissing From Windows is the new assortment of sketch comedy from Misery Loves (Theatre Company) and starring Bill Wood himself. Bill Wood is equal parts magic, hilarious and brilliantly smart and he brings all three of these to this delightful and engaging show.

So much of comedy is about juxtaposition and Bill Wood is the master of putting two opposing elements together to make the commonplace seem absurd, the absurd seem conceivable and to find astute insights into the human condition in the most unlikely of places. Wood helps his audience experience true joy in a celebration of the silly and within the warmth of the communal space of strangers coming together to experience something live in the theatre.

Pissing From Windows, which has nothing to do with pissing nor windows, but much to do with death and the hobbies that distract us from our own mortality, uses multimedia, an assortment of balloons, tentacles, a giant tortoise costume and a swallowed gun to fill Wood’s audience with glee and laugh-out-loud hilarity that will resonate with people across multiple demographics and comedy styles.

Bill Wood is a Haligonian treasure; we are lucky to have him here.

TWISI Rating:

4 and a half starsBill Wood: Pissing From Windows played at the Bus Stop Theatre as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival and is now closed. 

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