On Cracks & Rent

If you have not already seen this brilliant critique of the Absurdity of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s denial, lies and continual shirking of responsibility, please check it out. It stars Canadian actor Tony Nappo as a delightfully exasperated dad and his daughter Ella Ray Lewis-Nappo, in her acting debut. Her comic timing here is perfection and she has a undeniable charm and wisdom beyond her years. I feel like this is not the last that Toronto audiences will see of Ella Ray Lewis-Nappo. I certainly hope it’s not!

The video was directed by Ron Murphy and Julian T. Pinder.

In other news, Toronto actor and Artistic Producer of SummerWorks Michael Rubenfeld recently posted this video of him singing both the Maureen and the Joanne part to Jonathan Larson’s “Take Me Or Leave Me” from Rent (1996) outside The Theatre Centre as part of a fundraiser for The Book of Judith. Check it out!

To donate to The Book of Judith’s IndieGoGo Campaign click here & watch the lovely video about the creation of the show.

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