Organic Theatricality

I had meant to post this ages ago, but time and opportunity continued to run away with me. There is a new opportunity for a physical theatre workshop in Toronto. It is conducted by Stefan Dzeparoski, who has a MFA in Theatre Directing, a MA in Theatre Studies, and a BFA in Directing (whew, that’s A LOT of schooling!). He also has “extensive experience in Performer Created Theatre, Collective Co-Creation, Movement Improvisation, Text Creation and Text Improvisation, Scene Study and directing.”
Here is the information about his course:

ORGANIC THEATRICALITY – A Drama Course for 21st Century
Experience the transformational and healing power of drama. Unlock your performers’ body. Learn. Act. Create through ORGANIC THEATRICALITY
For theatre professionals, for theatre enthusiasts, for the ones willing to step into the magic!Practice the Art of Performance through the principles of Body in Time Body in Space Performer- Created Theatre Collective Co-Creation Movement improvisation Scene/Character Study. Learn to connect your Internal with External Self, Psychological with Spiritual Body Reality with Dream (Re)Discover your harmonious body. Discover your other consciousness. Redefine your acting skills. Experience Acting through the map of body memory.
Body remembers. Body knows.
Course is lead by Stefan Dzeparoski, international theatre practitioner and educator.
For more info:416.797.6202
3 x 2 hours –
$120 Regular
One Class $ 40
Where: HUB 14Markham Street
When: October 3, 10, 24 11am-1pm
For more information, visit Stefan’s website:

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