24 Hours: Thornton Has This Stand-Up Down Pat

pat thornton
Okay, everybody. Here is a seriously amazing question. Can one man do stand up for 24 hours straight? Well, Pat Thornton is in the midst of answering that question at The Comedy Bar. He is doing Stand Up for 24 hours. Straight. Here is the information that you need from Pat Thornton:
“I was approached by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, a wonderful charity that helps in the fight against AIDS in Africa to participate in their A Dare To Remember challenge. Basically people are sponsored to do dares. So I decided to do something pretty crazy. From Monday November 2nd at 6pm to Tuesday November 3rd at 6pm I will be at Comedy Bar performing 24 hours of stand-up. (I will start with all the material I have, but I will also be assisted by a team of writers)
For 5 dollars you can purchase a wristband that will allow you to come and go as you please over the 24 hours. All the money of course goes to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. If you can’t make it out, you will be able to watch the set online RIGHT HERE (and you can talk to others as they watch it too!) and you can follow it on Twitter @patthornton- you can also twitter Pat Thornton jokes (“I’ll need ’em”, he says)
BUT the most important thing is this, you can make donations to his personal dare page https://stephenlewisfoundation.akaraisin.com/pledge/Participant/Home.aspx?seid=2660&mid=25&pid=185519
24 Hours. All Stand Up. Pat Thornton. $5.00. Comedy Bar. 945 Bloor Street West. Live Stream you can watch at home. Donations to charity. Helping to fight AIDS in Africa. Kapow.
There is no reason to miss this. It’s sure to be a hella good time.

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