Callaghan! And the Wings of the Butterfly

callaghan_facebook-e1353601724625Sex T-Rex’s Callaghan! And the Wings of The Butterfly, which plays until September 11th at the Atlantic Fringe Festival, is another brilliant, rollicking adventure from this exceptional Toronto-based Comedy Troupe who are continually using long form sketch comedy to tell highly theatrical and captivating new stories.

Wings of the Butterfly introduces us to Jack Callaghan (Danny Pagett), an often brooding hero on an archaeological quest in Guatemala to find the Ancient Mayan relics, the wings of the butterfly, which hold the secret to time itself. With the help of his friends Sal (Conor Bradbury) and Walt (Julian Frid), Callaghan navigates a plethora of dangers before confronting the villainous Dr. Klaus Von Handerstopp (Seann Murray), who has disastrous plans for the butterfly wings. Callaghan must also come to terms with the fate of his wife, the savvy and intelligent Muriel (Kaitlin Morrow), in order to save the world from Handerstopp.

The story is tightly and imaginatively woven, the characters are well defined and and strongly portrayed by the cast, especially those who play multiple secondary characters as well, but I think the trademark of Sex T-Rex is how joyfully and genuinely fun their shows are to watch. From their beautifully choreographed fight sequences (Kevin MacPherson), to their self-referential asides and clever Pop Culture references, to the fun dance sequence (Robin Henderson) Callaghan: Wings of The Butterfly, like Swords: A Play of Swords keeps the audience in nonstop laughter. It is silly. It is playful. It is exactly what theatre, in its purest form, was meant to be.

Go see this gem of a show. You’ll wish you could go back in time and experience it all again.

Callaghan! And The Wings of The Butterfly plays at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street) at the following times:

Saturday Sept 3rd, 3:00PM
Sunday Sept 4th, 9:30PM
Tuesday Sept 6th, 8:00PM
Wednesday Sept 7th, 8:15PM
Friday Sept 9th, 11:15PM
Saturday Sept 10th, 6:30PM
Sunday Sept 11th, 10:20PM