James Gangl’s Bad Roommate

Check out James Gangl’s video “Bad Roommate.” In August it was an official selection at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. It won Best Music at WildSound’s “Best of Scary Movies” presented at the National Film Board… and now Gangl wants to share it with the masses!! This was shot on a hundred dollar point and shoot camera.
Check out the reviews:
REVIEWS:- “contagious song charmed…” Shannon the Movie Moxie-
“This one was hilarious… now I just wish I could find it to share with everyone.” The Film Reel- “Very Funny. I need to see it again. My brain didn’t quite get it. It was too entertained if that’s possible.” RenerdRadio-
“…full of laughs, fun and WTF moments.” 10MoviesToSee.com-
“It is a testament to what you can do with very little more than just a camera, while fuelled by booze and weed.” TheHorrorSection
And Check out two interviews with Gangl: click here and click here too:

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