Jay Brazeau says NO to BC Arts Cuts

By Jay Brazeau (reposted from http://www.stopbcartscuts.ca/)

jay brazeau
I’m not an intelligent man. I have my Grade 11. And I’m not a rich man as people tend to think all of us actors are. So many actors live below the poverty line and we can’t afford to go to the Olympics. But I am a lucky man. Because I am an artist. And this is the first time I have probably been able to say this in public. So this is a kind of “coming out” for me. I’ve always felt weird about telling people what I do. Because I thought they would never take it seriously. Or they would ask why I wasn’t in Hollywood. But I am proud today. I am proud of all my my brothers and sisters who have joined together for this battle we have before us.
I am currently performing as “Man In The Chair” in Drowsy Chaperone and I have the pleasure of watching the audience every night. And I can see the joy and the tears that we all share and I think how blessed I am to be performing in a Canadian musical that has reached out across this globe and showed the world what artistry we have to offer. Vancouver was the first place to present this musical and that would not have happened without BC funds. People would not have come from across the country to see how successful our production was. And they would not be doing it in their theatres now if it had not happened in our province first. Yes we were the first. And I am so proud of that. We must not give something and then take it back. I ask you to reconsider these cutbacks not just for us, but for our children. And our children’s children. We cannot live in a world without art. I beg you not to let this happen. But I do warn you. If you do try to take our art from us you are in for one helluva fight.
Join Jay Brazeau and lend your voice to the fight to stop the BC government from cutting 90% of Arts Funding in that province.

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