Ghost Jail: Everybody Loves a Parade!

the cast of ghost jail theatre season three
If you haven’t been to Clinton’s Tavern on a Sunday Night recently, you may be in for a treat! The back room where such gems as Ghost Jail Theatre perform weekly improvised sets has a newly streamlined ambiance decked out with skittles and the cast of Ghost Jail Theatre Season Three has a brand new look as well!
All the innovation and finesse of the Ghost Jail Theatre that improv connoisseurs have known and loved for the past three years remains intact in Season Three. Ghost Jail still creates an improv show based on a piece of writing provided by the audience, and from there, the company of improvisers construct improvised scenes which are variations on an overall theme inspired by that piece of writing. The scenes grow in length and feed into one another as the evening progresses, all to hilarious and often absurdly profound effect.
Core Cast members Kayla Lorette and Tim Daugulis take the reins from Ian Rowe (while he makes it big in Vancouver) and Caitlin Howden (while she bursts out the hilarity on the Second City Mainstage) and when they are able to pry Core Cast member Michal Grajewski away from the frigid clutches of Rick Mercer, he comes along and plays too! They are now joined by new core cast members Andrea Del Campo, Robbie Beniuk, Jess Grant, Stephanie Kaliner, and Oliver Georgiou.
As with any recipe, when you are mixing all these feisty and scrumptious ingredients for hilarity together, it takes awhile for all the elements to set in precisely the perfect way to maximize their collective creativity, talent and comic sensibilities. The New Ghost Jail Cast is made up of fantastic individuals and they are settling into a company that grows stronger and more assured with every passing week. Andrea Del Campo has fantastic conviction and continually goes out on a limb in the creation of really quirky characters and situations. Robbie Beniuk has fantastic pacing in his scenes, which gives the show the briskness that makes Ghost Jail so impressive to watch. Oliver Georgiou is especially skilled in the writing and the delivery of clever impromptu monologues, in a style that reminds me a bit of the way Fraz Weist used to write when he was with the cast last year. Jess Grant uses really great physicality and Stephanie Kaliner is maybe the most adorable and entirely endearing performer that you will ever see onstage, regardless of what she is doing or saying. You wait, she is going to be an improv star!
Speaking of improv stars, recently returned from her tour-de-force in Europe, is it possible that Kayla Lorette keeps getting better and better, funnier and funnier, sharper and sharper? She was so filled with brilliant creativity and such inventive humor Sunday night and she and Michal Grajewski were both effective in their ability to tie the scenes together, reintroduce specific characters and themes and helped to give definite overall shape to the evening. Lorette is a force to be reckoned with, folks, and she is also a very talented writer. Her language when she writes the impromptu monologues is particularly evocative and poetic. Tim Daugulis sat Sunday’s Ghost Jail out, which was a little sad, as he always gives the show a much beloved dose of the exuberant absurd. He’ll likely be playing next week, which gives you all the more incentive to check out the show!
The one thing that made Ghost Jail so magical for me for the past year and a half was that the scenes always seemed to meld into one another so seamlessly. This just comes with time, conviction and an extreme perceptive awareness that comes to borderline on psychic the more solid the rhythm between the improvisers becomes. When this aspect of the show cements, which I assume will be within the next few months, Season Three will have all of the magic and the confidence that the original Ghost Jail Cast had after two years of playing together.
Every week is a brand new show; every Sunday Ghost Jail Theatre keeps getting better and better. So come celebrate December and its thick socks and awkward work parties and let the good non-holiday specific times roll, with Ghost Jail. Every Sunday. 7:30pm. (doors: 7:00pm). Clinton’s Tavern. 693 Bloor Street West. Toronto. $6.00 ($5.00 for members).

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