For Goldie

gorgeous goldie semple

By Thom Allison

A light has dimmed on this earth today. Actress, wife, mother, angel Goldie Semple has left us after a long battle with cancer. She was one of the most generous human beings and actresses I’ve ever had the pleasure to be near, let alone work with. She brought such joy and peace to everyone whose lives she touched and there was always that twinkle in her eye.

I feel so honoured and blessed that I was able to share a stage with her. When I was a young actor, I saw Goldie give some of the most astonishing performances. I saw her fiery, longing Kate in Richard Monette’s famous Taming of the Shrew; her sensuous, tempermental Cleopatra; her terrifying Tamara in Titus Andronicus. I worshipped her work, I had known her casually over the years, I had been awed by her sweetness, her availability, her immensity of talent. Never dreaming I’d have the chance to share a stage with her. Then last year, it happened. I will never find the words for how grateful I am to have played Goldie’s lover in my favourite musical, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. To watch Goldie play Desiree every show was a lesson in simplicity, grace and . . . humility.

I will miss watching her pretend to be offended when I toss off a dirty joke. I will miss her cursing me for bringing in baked goods as she reaches for her second piece. I will miss that glowing smile that said “It’s all fine. There are bigger things to worry about in the world.” Rarely do you find someone who is so loved, respected and revered by so many people where it is all worth it. She was one of a kind. A jewel in this industry, this life. Her like will not come around again for a long time.

Rest in Peace, Divine One.

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