15 Year old Olivia Dorey is One to Watch!

Watching a talented and creative young artist, who exhibits both passion for her art form and true dedication to her craft fills me with exuberant amounts of joy. Olivia Dorey is a fifteen year old High School Student from Tantallon, Nova Scotia who aspires to become a performer and she has already shown great talent and promise as both a singer and also a songwriter. She wrote the music and the lyrics to this song entitled “White Picket Fence,” a sweet, winsome ballad infused with honest emotion straight from the heart. The video, by Anne Crosby Gaudet captures nicely the innocence of Dorey’s song, and allows some of Dorey’s natural presence to shine through. I have never met a girl so young who is as photogenic and whose spirit and every nuance of emotion are captured as precisely on film (both video and digatal) as Olivia Dorey. She is one to watch, for absolute sure!

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