Dramatize the Discoveries of the Future Today: An Impending Interview from Tomorrow

I sat down amidst the stars of ScrABrrRrraannG: A Cabaret of Futurist Performance tonight at the Glen Morris Studio Theatre. The show is presented by the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama at the University of Toronto and offers up Italian Futurist Sintesi from the past, the present and most importantly, the future. This is a futurist-inspired interview: in pure abstraction, to fraternize warmly with the actors, with lines written in free words- this is a new futurist theatricality.

Lenore White (LW): This Cabaret literally punched me in the face. I’ve been punched in the face by futurism.

Dan Bray (DB): Someone’s here to kill Batman, at least that’s what it sounds like.

Brendon Allen (BA): I’m allergic to the space.

Shelley Liebembuk (SL): You done do me wrong, lady. You’re gonna get beat up onstage tonight!

Natalie Kaye (NK): Is there like poison in that that’s going to kill me?

Moynan King (MK): I want to put a whoopee cushion on-

Keith Cole (KC): Stephen Johnson’s chair.
MK: …On Stephen Johnson’s chair *laughs*

Erica Mitchell (EM): There is no pig? Pig? *OH!*

DB: That would be a good way to end the show… people throwing tomatoes at her.

Aleksandra Podereski (AP): Don’t run around naked or whatever you do…

BA: That dumb person is me.

DB: Free pretzels! The future rocks!

Noam Lior (NL): It’s never a good time… so go ahead.

SL: I’m known for my wit.

DB: My commotion is sufficient.

Steph Berntson: Amazing Stephen! If I didn’t love you before, I do now.

SL: I’m bringing sexy black.

Julie Gouin (JG): Where are the Russians?

SB: Can you stuff it into your boot?

Rebecca Sutin (RS): If you fall down the stairs, it could be part of it.

BA: Leave the fucking pig alone you nosy little prick!

LW: I can’t find my tool.

Michaela Pnacekova (MP): Somebody took mine, so I took somebody else’s.
LW: Oh, bitch!

Stephen Johnson (SJ): The theatre is filled with friendly futurist people.

SB: I might need a cigarette. ARG- I’ll just, like, eat it!!

Amanda Campbell (AC): You have to watch out for the radishes!!

Sasha Kovacs (SK): Futurism isn’t futurism until somebody breaks their nose.

ScrABrrRrraaNNg plays Friday November 7th, 2008- at 9pm (doors open at 8pm) and Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at 10pm (doors open at 9pm) at the Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto. Tickets are $12.00 for the public, $8.00 for students or you can take a chance on a roll of the dice. There is also a cash bar. This show is presented in conjunction with Futurist Dramaturgy and Performance International Conference. November 7- November 8, 9-6pm at the Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street. The Future belongs to US.

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