Hold On To Your Hats, Hamilton!

Bursting through the boundaries between Improv and theatre and reimagining the role of improvisation in the creation of plays and redefining the role of the Canadian playwright, it is the National Theatre of the World and they are coming to Hamilton!
Theatre Aquarius hosts The National Theatre of the World’s award winning and critically acclaimed show Impromptu Splendor for a riveting two week run! Impromptu Splendor is a show unlike anything else in this city in that Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus and Ron Pederson, three of the most versatile and ingenious performers our country has to offer, will take you on a wildly fanciful journey as they perform fully improvised plays every night in the style of such renowned playwrights as David Mamet, Samuel Beckett, Tennessee Williams, Michel Tremblay, Judith Thompson, Oscar Wilde, among a slew of others.
Hamilton will be treated to fourteen entirely original improvised plays between March 16th and March 27th, 2010. The first one will be done in the style of the Founding Father of the Modern Theatre, Henrik Ibsen. Every night is a celebration of a play that will never again be repeated. It is Opening Night and Closing Night all wrapped up in one! Tickets are on sale now via www.theatreaquarius.org!
If you still require some convincing, check out the following Impromptu Splendor clips:

Come see the plays that make you laugh with your heart!

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