The Top Ten Reasons That Impromptu Splendor Will Rock Your World

ron pederson, naomi snieckus, matt baram
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The National Theatre of the World’s critically acclaimed show Impromptu Splendor is coming to the SuperNova Theatre Festival at Eastern Front Theatre in Halifax May 5th-8th. Impromptu Splendor, performed by Naomi Snieckus, Matt Baram and Ron Pederson, is a fully-improvised one act play done in the style of an iconic playwright. These shows will rock your world. Here’s why.
The Top Ten Reasons That Impromptu Splendor Will Rock Your World
1. Their theatre company is called The National Theatre of the World.
‘Nuff said.
2. You have NO idea what is going to happen!
No adventure is too mighty for Impromptu Splendor. Every evening the slate for the show is essentially clean. Like a blank page or canvass- there are so many possibilities!
3. There is humour in everything.
Anyone who can make me laugh jovially during a play written in the style of Anton Chekhov or Henrik Ibsen deserves the highest praise we can give them.
4. They’re Over Qualified.
Between them Naomi Snieckus, Matt Baram and Ron Pederson have won and/or have been nominated for a mighty parade of awards from across the country including the Jessies, the Sterlings, the Canadian Comedy Awards, and the Merritts. They have performed at The Second City (Toronto), in a myriad of plays and musicals across Canada, in Improv Festivals in Chicago, Los Angeles and Edmonton and they can be seen on popular television shows (both Canadian and American) and in a slew of television commercials.
5. You won’t believe your eyes!
It is possible that you have never seen an Improv show like Impromptu Splendor. Not only do Naomi, Matt and Ron improvise a full one-act play which is entirely coherent and captures the narrative and technical styles of a specific playwright, but they are so meticulous, clever, sharp and proficient that you may forget that you’re watching something that is unfolding entirely before your eyes. It certainally adds to the magic and wonder!
6. Naomi, Matt and Ron all live in the same house.
This means that they are continually manoeuvring around one another being spontaneously funny all day. No other theatre company in the country gets this much practice without rehearsing!
7. You loved Ron Pederson last time you saw him!
Ron Pederson was last seen on a Haligonian stage in November, 2009 as James in Nova Scotian playwright Ron Jenkins’ play Extinction Song at Eastern Front Theatre, for which Ron was nominated for a 2010 Merritt Award.
8. The National Theatre of the World loves to share
Naomi, Matt and Ron aren’t simply content with performing for you while they’re in Halifax, they would also like to share their love of Improv with you! There are two workshop opportunities through Eastern Front Theatre where Naomi, Matt and Ron encourage all those with a penchant for performance to come and play! Just say yes! 
9. They make snazzy videos.
10. Colin Mochrie digs them so you will too.
“Playing with the Impromptu Splendor improvisers reminded me why I do this for a living…the sense of danger, the excitement, the never-ending fun and the chance to work with the most talented people in the country”- Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line is it Anyway, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Drew Carey Show).
The most talented people in the country! If that doesn’t rock your world, nothing will!

Impromptu Splendor at Eastern Front Theatre’s SuperNova Festival


Wednesday May 5th, 2010- 8:30pm

Thursday May 6th, 2010- 8:30pm

Friday May 7th, 2010- 8:30pm

Saturday May 8th, 2010- 4:30pm

Tickets: $17.00-$22.50.

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