The Top Five Reasons Matt Baram Rules

I received a tip yesterday from a member of the Halifax Theatre Community that what my blog really needed, more than anything in the world, was a little more Matt Baram. Well Halifax, you are in luck because not only does Matt Baram get his own blog entry this very day, but he is also here in our own fair city with his company, The National Theatre of the World, improvising brand new one-act plays in the styles of David Mamet (Thursday May 6th), Anton Chekhov (Friday May 7th) and Oscar Wilde (Saturday May 8th) in their show Impromptu Splendor as part of Eastern Front Theatre’s SuperNova Festival at Neptune’s Studio Theatre. Call 902.429.7070 to reserve your tickets!
The Top Five Reasons Matt Baram Rules
1. He has the best hair.
2. He is literally EVERYWHERE.
Matt Baram is a versatile and hilarious actor who has the ability to be captivating and funny instantaneously, which means that he is a favourite for commercials. He is on TV more than Barack Obama. It’s likely he has already made you laugh and you don’t even know it! Come to Impromptu Splendor and you can play the game where you try to figure out what commercial you recognize him from.
3. He’s a Second City Star
Matt wrote and performed in six hit revues which makes him a veteran of the legendary Second City Comedy Theatre in Toronto. These reviews include: Bush League of Justice, Armaget-it-on!, Invasion Free Since 1812, Good’s Good Evil’s Bad, Second City Reloaded (Winner of the 2006 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Sketch Group), and Bird Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Sketch Group and nominated for a Dora Award for Best Musical). Originally from Edmonton, Matt has also performed in plays at regional theatres across the country, he has done Improv with Monkey Toast the Improvised Talk Show, The Carnegie Hall Show: The Live Improvised Variety Show, and Ghost Jail Theatre among others as well as a slew of television and film credits. Over qualified!
4. He is a truly Incredible Improviser.
I have been continually awed and inspired by Matt Baram’s talent for the past two years. He has the most incredible ability to not only come up with witty dialogue and wonderfully multifaceted and wildly strange characters, but also characters equally as rich and poignant. He will always make you laugh, but even in Improv he also has the potential to evoke genuine tears and heartfelt empathy.
5. Once in an Impromptu Splendor in the style of a Sex farce with Guest Star Colin Mochrie Matt played a character named Mr. Cockspittle (pronounced Cock-spite-tal) who was even more hilarious than his name.
Epic Splendor! Come join the fun! Come Laugh With Your Heart!

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