My Favorite Things About Jamie McKnight.

Written By: Jenni Burke

Jamie is in possession of the rarest combination of gifts, a beautiful, stunning voice, but he also is one of the sweetest and kindest, handsomest, unassuming dear-hearts I have ever met. I love everything about him…. I have witness that combination in him making many an audience swoon and fall instantly in awe.
I also love that he is also comedic genius –almost unbeknownst to him… we did a production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” he had this “Grande Jeté batemant “(A grand leap through the air, in a full out split, flying across the stage) moment…that I cant even talk about with out crackin up. He is hilarious.
To nobodies surprise Jamie has performed at top venues throughout Canada from Stratford to the Elgin Theatre, the Pantages and around the world including Tel Aviv, with Andrea Bocelli with the Canadian Tenors which he was a member of, and his career is just beginning! He is the person that when I hear of a show is being cast – He is one of the first people I assume will get it…. That’s how much I believe in his gifts and abilities and…. fyi usually I’m right too- that’s IF he is available.Jamie McKnight….my favorite thing is that he deserves it all….the sky’s the limit BUT no matter what a big star he is, he would always do anything I ask of him and that is his kindenss and integrity- his Jamie McKnightness and why I love him,and why I am SO proud to call him my friend.
See Jamie McKnight perform live at: SING OUT, LOUISE!: Monday, March 9th, 8pm. $25.00. Buddies in Bad Times.

Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.
416 975-8555.

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