Why You Should Have a Crush on Michael Hughes:

By Ari Weinberg

He’s got a voice that is better than (insert whatever turns you on the most here)

He’s got gorgeous eyes and fabulously curly hair.

He makes people melt when he sings.

He’s an incredible friend.

He can sing any song- seriously any song- and make it sound heavenly.

He’s funny in many ways.

He can sing the telephone book and make you cry.

He’s easy to talk to.

He’s easy to listen to… especially when he’s singing.

He makes you smile simply by saying hello- he’s just that comforting.

He makes you swoon when he sings.

He’s charming.

He can siiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Don’t you just wanna crush on him…. and hear him sing?
See Michael Hughes perform live at: SING OUT, LOUISE!: Monday, March 9th, 8pm. $25.00. Buddies in Bad Times.

Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.
416 975-8555.

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