You’re Gonna Love Ari

By Sara Farb

I have known Ari since he and I were kids in CharActors Theare Troupe in Thornhill. He has grown into an extremely dynamic and vivacious performer, and I am constantly amazed at his clear sense of himself and the uniqueness he has to offer. Here is an acrostic to express how I feel about the phenomenal Ari Weinberg:
A ble to make Gwen Verdon run for her money.
R aising the bar for all slight, theatrically inclined boys from Thornhill.
I nfectious
W atch out Liza!
E ntertaining
I like Ari because
N o one else is like him.
B ernadette wishes she were as fierce.
E njoyable
R ose’s Turn
G ot his start in Alex Saslove’s basemensssssss
You’re going to love him. Come see him in all his glamorous glory.

Come see Ari Weinberg perform live at: SING OUT, LOUISE!: Monday, March 9th, 8pm. $25.00. Buddies in Bad Times.

Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.
416 975-8555.

Also check out Ari in his one-night-only Cabaret I Yi Yi Ari on Sunday, March 1st, 2009 at Statler’s Piano Lounge. 7:30pm. For tickets call- 416 962-1209. It’s sure to be hil-lar-ious.

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