By Thom Allison

The dictionary describes “inspiration” thus:

-the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something; esp. to do something creative.

-the quality of having been so stimulated.

-a person that stimulates in this way.

-the divine influence believed to have led to the writing of the Bible.

-the drawing in of breath; an inhalation.

Sharron Matthews is all of these – process, quality, person, divine influence (I wouldn’t be surprised if she inspired the Bible – just the thought of her coming into the world. . . eventually) and an inhalation. I’ve watched her breathe life into material, evenings, shows, conversations from the moment she speaks. Being around Sharron is always a fresh breath of FABULOUS air.
I met Sharron when I was about 17 years old and I knew then that I was seeing a force of nature. I was a “rehearsal stand-in” for an actor who would be late for a rehearsal period. There was this woman who was so full of life, joy, talent, beauty, humour, charisma, and utter fearlessness. She literally sparkled. I never imagined all of that could exist in one human being and so effortlessly. The inspiration began for me that day and has never ceased.
Over the years, I’ve been blessed enough to count Sharron as one of my closest and dearest friends. During that time, I’ve watched her become inspiration to so many others. Directors, musical directors, composers, colleagues, young performers and theatrical civilians. Always inspiring them to go further, dig deeper, be who they are without fear of what “others might say”. It’s simply not possible to be in her presence, be at one of her shows and not feel like you’ve been privileged to be part of a momentous event (unless you’re a joyless freak); the air crackles.

I personally have become a braver performer and person as a direct result of Sharron’s influence in my life and I can never thank her enough. May her magic and her accolades never stop.

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Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.
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