A Tid-Bit About Reza Jacobs

By Lily Ling

Reza Jacobs is one of the most respected artists in Toronto by musicians and actors alike. He not only is an amazing composer, arranger, and pianist, but as I have recently discovered, a captivating actor and singer in the recent production of Shakuntula – a show in which he composed the original music and has now been chosen to represent the Indian community at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Humble and honest, Reza is one of the most giving individuals I have ever encountered. He firmly believes in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration with not only his artistic team but most important, with his actors. Reza is constantly looking to better himself. Never satisfied with mediocrity, he is always open to suggestions from colleagues and friends.

I have the pleasure of being able to call Reza Jacobs one of my dear friends. He is fiercely loyal and unapologetically honest. He is the first one to send a wacky video to everyone on their birthdays and the last one to leave the parties. The amount of talent, charisma, and love that exudes from him is intoxicating and invigorating to every single person in his life – just watch him rock out on the piano and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Despite all the success, he remains to be one of the most level headed and sincere people in my life. He truly is a kind and gentle soul.

Reza Jacobs- a Haiku

loved and adored;

a remarkable artist

-the spice of my life

Come see Reza Jacobs play live at: SING OUT, LOUISE!: Monday, March 9th, 8pm. $25.00. Buddies in Bad Times.

Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.
416 975-8555.

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