Discover Jenni Burke at Sing Out Louise!!

By George Masswohl

I don’t know much about bandwidth but I suspect there’s not nearly enough anywhere to fully describe the force of nature that is Miss Jennifer Burke. I will try to scratch the surface. Jenni is one of our city’s most important artists. Not only is she an accomplished actress and singer, Jenni is a galvanizing figure in Toronto’s cultural environment.As the creator and host of the hugely popular weekly “Curtains Down”, Jenni draws packed houses Monday after Monday, and provides a forum for musical performers – tried and true as well as up and coming – from all over to be heard. Widely respected by her peers and adored by her fans, Jenni is a discovery you need to make if you haven’t already.
Come see Jenni Burke perform live at: SING OUT,

Monday, March 9th, 8pm. $25.00. Buddies in Bad Times.
416 975-8555

Toronto’s Biggest Theatre Stars.

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