Dr. Brown Becaves

dr brown

Dr. Brown Becaves has been a consistent hit of the Atlantic Fringe Festival, everyone who has seen it has told me the exact same thing: “I laughed until I cried.” I concur and highly recommend it. There is only one show left, which is today, Monday, September 5th at 10:00pm. It will probably sell out in advance, so I recommend getting to the Plutonium Playhouse early to avoid disappointment.

Dr. Brown Becaves stars Dr. Brown, “the anti-comedy legend” from Los Angeles and is constructed around the idea of expectation and finding the humour and the bewilderment in continually setting up an audience’s expectations and then taking the unexpected beeline toward something completely different.

As a performer he is wildly captivating, charming, but also a little unnerving, as to keep the audience exactly on edge where he wants them. He is perfectly expressive and manages to convey everything he needs to and much more while hardly speaking to us at all.

I don’t want to give too much away, it is better if you go in completely unprepared but open to the possibility that anything might and could happen, but nothing that you will be expecting.

Go see this show tonight.

Monday, September 5th, 10:00pm. 60 minutes. $10.00. Plutonium Playhouse. 2315 Hunter Street. Last night they had to add chairs, get your tickets early at the Plutonium Playhouse to avoid crying like a child who dropped her ice cream cone in the lobby later.  

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