Dr. Fuckingstein (Doesn’t) Explain[s] (love, desire and the brain)

thaddius hatte

Imagine if Robin Williams had all his characteristic exuberance, all his strange, zany voices, he did a one man show, but nothing that he said was ever funny. That’s what I felt like was happening during T.H. (Thaddius) Hatte’s Dr. Fuckingstein Explains (love, desire and the brain) playing at the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

Hatte has that same off kilter quality about him that has made so many people, like Jim Carey and Robin Williams, so successful, but he hasn’t figured out how to bring it to his writing or to be able to reach and connect to an audience or how to make them laugh.

That is the tragedy of Dr. Fuckingstein.

Dr. Fuckingstein Explains plays at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street) at the following times:  It is listed at 60 minutes, when I went it was 85. It is $7.00

Thursday September 8th, 11:00pm

Saturday September 10th, 9:30pm

To book advanced tickets please visit Neptune Theatre’s Box Office, 1593 Argyle Street or call 902.429.7070 or visit www.atlanticfringe.ca.

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