TWISI Hall Of Fame


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1.      Anonymous (2)

2.      Diane Ashworth

3.      Matt Baram, Christopher Gibbs, Ronald Pederson & Naomi Snieckus (The National Theatre of the World

4.      Dr. Roberta Barker

5.      Rhys Bevan-John

6.      Anthony Black, 2b Theatre 

7.      Shauna Black

8.      Jon Blair

9.      Shirley Campbell

10.   Carol and Don Connor

11.   Chris Craddock

12.   John Mark DeWolf

13.   Raquel Duffy

14.   Sedina Fiati

15.   Fireworks Gallery, Halifax 

16.   Steve Fisher, Gracing the Stage

17.   Michael S. Flynn and Denise A. MacDonell

18.   Kaylon Fraser

19.   Brian Goldenberg, Angelwalk Theatre 

20.   Kyle Golemba

21.   Emma Hillier

22.   Reverend Betsy Hogan & St. Matthew’s United Church 

23.   Chuck Homewood, Neptune Theatre School 

24.   Rebecca Horan

25.   Kirsten Howell & 521 Photography 

26.   Lindsey Hunnewell

27.   Peter Janes

28.   Daniel Karasik

29.   Seren Lannon

30.   Amanda LeBlanc

31.   Richard Lee

32.   Stewart Lemoine, Teatro la Quindicina 

33.   Rita Loo

34.   Brett Love

35.   Matthew Lumley

36.   Carl Lyons

37.   Elizabeth Anne McCarthy

38.   Colleen MacIssac

39.   Daniel MacIvor

40.   Kathryn MacLellan

41.   Michael McPhee

42.   Michelle Monteith

43.   Megan Mooney, Mooney on Theatre 

44.   Tracey Nolan

45.   Cathleen Niedermayer

46.   Dr. David and Jennifer Overton

47.   Janna Polzin

48.   Charlie Rhindress

49.   Sean C. Robertson

50.   Rosemary Rowe

51.   Klaus Schuller, The Second City 

52.  Matt Selby

53.  Joan Shaddock

54.    Geneviève Steele

55.   Laura Stiles-Clarke

56.   David Sylvis

57.   Robin White

58. Shahin Sayadi 

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